A couple of blogging thoughts.

Wide awake at 1:00 am – thanks for nothing, stupid perimenopausal hormones – and I find myself composing posts in my head. Why not actually get up and write one of them?

And so, here are a couple of things about blogging.

1 – It happened to me again yesterday. Someone made an interesting comment on the post I put up yesterday (I’m sorry, but I can’t remember at this point who it was). I started to type in a reply. Got about three words in, my hand slipped and hit some mysterious, unknown combination of keys, and suddenly I saw a red square on the screen with the maddening words “comment deleted.”

This has happened to me four or five times in the last few months, and I almost can’t even find the    words to express how much it pisses me off. I have no clue how to get the comment back or if it’s even possible to do so. It’s important to me to reply to anyone who is interested enough in what I’ve written that they make the effort to say something about it. Ignoring a comment just feels like the height of rudeness to me. **Having said that, I understand that it’s easy to get too busy to reply, or to completely miss a comment someone’s made until days, weeks, or even months after the post was written. That’s happened to me, too.**

At any rate, if you are reading this today and you noticed that I didn’t reply to your comment yesterday, I am very sorry. I totally did not intend to ignore you.

This image may not be strictly relevant, but it made me laugh.

2 – A few words about blogging relationships.

I follow a whole lot of bloggers. Some of these writers I’ve come to consider friends. We comment back and forth almost daily, and I genuinely care about what’s happening in their lives.

Every now and then people I’ve created friendships with completely disappear into the ether. Sometimes they’ll make a final post about their decision to stop writing or to seriously cut back on how often they post, and I definitely respect that. A few times I’ve discovered down the line that I accidentally stopped following someone who’s become a friend, and that’s the worst feeling ever. Accidentally ending a friendship – horrors!

And, rarely, someone I’ve come to care about a great deal vanishes without a trace and I never find out what happened. Being naturally of a mother-ish disposition I worry that something seriously disturbing has happened in their lives that’s forced them to abandon their blog. I realize I could well be overreacting, but I can’t help being concerned. And, bottom line, I simply miss that friendship. Case in point: I writer I truly cared about, a mum in London, abruptly went silent in May of this year. This was someone who, if I had only a moment or two to look at posts on a given day, hers was one of a handful I would absolutely make time to read and comment on.  As I said, I can’t help but worry about her now that she’s “gone.” And I miss her every day.

So there you have it. The rambling, middle-of-the-night thoughts of a <possibly obsessive> empty-ish nest mom.

Thanks for listening.


5 thoughts on “A couple of blogging thoughts.

  1. Hello ladies! I’m one who dropped off the charts for a while. Mostly it’s because I ran out of words. I suppose I should have stated that I was taking a bit of a hiatus but I really didn’t think I would be *gone* that long. No depression here–maybe a bit of hypomania but all is well. I hope you hear from the mum in England.

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    • You know, I actually wasn’t worried about you – just missed you a ton. Not that I’m not concerned for your welfare, but you’ve just seemed to be so strong lately that I was confident you’ve been off doing cool things. 🙂
      I’ve actually been posting less recently, too, and it’s kind of the same thing – being out of words. And possibly a bit of inertia and “meh” feeling due to SAD. I’m breaking out the therapy light tomorrow.

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  2. I hope that you hear from your friend. Someone I had followed and conversed with a lot disappeared too. They were depressed and of course their disappearance has got me thinking the worst. I think, if at all possible, we should write a final farewell post, even if it’s only three words. As far as being rude by not answering comments, I agree. There have been several times over the years that I’ve looked back at an old post only to see a comment sitting there, a comment that I had never been notified of (at least not to my knowledge). I feel horrible when that happens! I can’t imagine the hard feelings that must cause to the one who commented so thoughtfully, only for that comment to go unread. So I apologize as well if I’ve ever not responded.


    • I know just what you mean. And yes, if a blogging friend were depressed and then suddenly disappeared that would be very disturbing. That’s the one aspect of blogging I don’t like – that it’s nearly impossible to contact friends except through their blog. And if that stops, you’re stuck.


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