So many things…

Just lots and lots of things. Time for a thought dump.

Work stuff:

  • Many big things happening at work, especially today. All the regular stuff like Sunday School and coffee hour, plus squeezing in a parenting gathering, activities for kids whose parents were in that gathering, tearing down and then setting back up an entire classroom to make room for an all-congregation lunch, and the annual meeting. I’m now recovering under a blanket on my bed, and have no plans to move until someone makes supper. I don’t care who, and I don’t care what it is. Just feed me and put me back to bed.
  • Technology win today by the very NOT tech-savvy me. Our internet service at church has been really spotty, and it took a dive right in the middle of Sunday School…when one of our classes was in the middle of a YouTube video. I successfully switched over to projecting the video from my laptop (onto which I had, with great foresight, loaded said video earlier in the week, knowing how crappy our internet is). Honestly, for me this is heroic stuff.
  • Hooray for new shoes! Six hours of running up and down stairs, moving furniture, leading classes…and my feet feel awesome! (Wow, that sounds weird. But it’s true.)
  • This was our second week of “Conversations in Parenting,” a gathering that allows parents to get together and talk about important issues that concern families. Not a class, not a how-to session – just time to talk. It’s going beautifully, in part because of several readers of “Mom Goes On” who provided suggestions for things they’d like to talk to other parents about. Thank you!

And some mom stuff:

  • We have three amazing, fantastically brilliant kids. I’m really not meaining to brag…but seriously! It just hit me again this week how incredibly much I like them (and I make the distinction here between liking them and loving them – which, of course I also do, like crazy) and how lucky The Husband and I are that they like us back. And that they like and care for and support each other so much. Oldest just texted me to see if I knew when Middle’s graduation weekend from college will be, so she can start looking for a good price on plane tickets. They want to be there for each other. How awesome is that?
  • Our Middle is going to be the best thing that ever happened to whatever high school hires her next spring. Not only is she extremely intelligent and a master of her subject area, she applies her analytical mind very deliberately to discovering the best ways to reach the students she’s already working with. She has deep empathy and concern for the struggles her inner city students face. I couldn’t be more proud of her.
  • The Boy  will be home for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, and has already offered his services, unsolicited, regarding a number of household repairs that The Husband simply doesn’t have time to tackle. So we’ll have the benefit of his expertise and energy that weekend, as well as the joy of his company. AND yummy Thanksgiving food. 

There. Purged. For now…


6 thoughts on “So many things…

    • I have to admit that my tech ability is severely limited, and consists only of the very few things I’ve been shown how to do and then have to do repeatedly. It’s always touch and go!


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