I can hardly contain my excitement. 

Because this perfectly sums up my evening last night:

Yes, that is indeed exactly what I did last night. And it wasn’t even my laundry. In fact, it wasn’t even laundry from my household. My exciting Saturday night entertainment now consists of washing and folding my 90-year-old MIL’s laundry, so it can be returned to her on Sunday morning. Every. $#^%&!. Week.

Do I know how to party or what?

But wait, there’s more. I made a super-exciting purchase when I had to go to Costco on Friday.

This is probably Crock Pot number nine, in 30 years of marriage. I manage to wear them out every three or four years. I actually am relatively excited to have one that’s all clean and new.

Yeah, I’m really living it up. Here’s hoping your weekend was a little more exciting than mine.


12 thoughts on “I can hardly contain my excitement. 

  1. At least my husband washed his own hunting clothes, but in the process he ruined three of my shirts…as in they can fit a child now. My bad, I left them on the floor in front of the washing machine and got distracted and never finished my job. Lesson learned—the expensive way.

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  2. Oh my goodness, I would give anything to be able to buy a crock pot here. It is almost impossible to find one here. I have found a couple but they are tiny and not really useful.
    Also, I am weird and find folding clothes so soothing. Especially clothes just warm from the dryer. My mom obviously did something right that I came away with that. haha

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