Playing at work.

Mondays take a lot of abuse from those of us who work outside the home. But my Monday got this week off to a great start.

I spent the first ninety minutes of my day playing with toddlers and preschoolers while their mommies got some grown-up time. Reading books and driving trucks figured heavily into this play time. And then I established myself as the world’s greatest comedian when a couple of my two-year-old friends brought me play food to taste – I pretended it tasted terrible and spit it out all over the floor. High comedy, I’m telling you. Belly laughs all around, over and over again. And then a sweet, round little six-month-old needed a bottle and a nap, so I got to cuddle and rock and feed her. What a day!

It’s actually kind of a weird week at work. We’re having a new sprinkler system installed (word to the wise: don’t have your sprinklers installed on the cheap – I promise you’ll regret it), and much of the staff is unable to work in the building. Our weekly staff meetings will happen at an awesome coffee house near my home. And since the church building is pretty much a ghost town, I’m choosing to do most of my work from home all week.

So here I am, all comfy under a fleece blanket on my bed, writing a post while taking a break from creating Sign-Up Geniuses, sending emails, and organizing a Christmas program.

Playing at work, and working at home. It’s nice to turn things upside down every now and then.IMG_7200-1024x704




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