Happy Vegan Thanksgiving.

I’m trying really hard to get excited about Thanksgiving, but it’s a little tricky this year.

For one thing, Oldest won’t be with us. I’m happy she’ll be having a lovely holiday with her boyfriend in Chicago. But we’ll only be at 4/5 capacity in the house and around the table, and that’s just a bit sad.

And then there’s…the menu. Middle (the vegan) and I have been working on plans for a meal that she can eat some part of. I’m still making a turkey, because…THANKSGIVING. But we’re compromising on a green bean casserole of her devising, two separate batches of mashed potatoes (with and without butter and milk), a pan of stuffing moistened with vegetable broth, and some sort of pecan pie sweetened with dates rather than corn syrup. Corn syrup is out because corn is killing the world. Yes, I really do get that, but sometimes I just want to eat without trying to save the world while I chew and swallow.


So this is what tofurky looks like. Ummmm…I actually like tofu, but I don’t want to eat this next Thursday.

So tomorrow we’ll do our major shopping for the holiday dinner, and next week the cooking adventure begins. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

But I think I’ll be kind of glad to move on to Advent and Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Happy Vegan Thanksgiving.

  1. I know the feeling of only having 4/5…that’s what we have again this year. The only plus is the one missing is the gluten free one and I don’t have to make something and *fib* to the others that there is nothing different in this or that. There are many gf recipes. Now vegan…hmmmm…good thing she is there to make what she can eat.

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  2. Our family accommodates several palates and restrictions. Gluten free for my youngest and the 4 year old nephew, dairy free for me and my three, and a sister who is a vegan but will at least be comfortable enough with a big dead bird on her dinner table. Not to mention sugar free, sucralose free, and aspartame free. Fun fun. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! 🙂


  3. There are many tasty and attractive things that it’s possible to do with tofu. Imitating a turkey is not one of them. 🙂

    Good luck with the food substitutions. Sometime I think it’s easier to make a totally different alternative (apple pie?) than try to make a traditional family favorite (pecan pie) using a substitute ingredient (dates, eye of newt, etc.) that means it will come out tasting “wrong” even if it tastes fine.

    I’m sorry you won’t have all your chicks back in the nest for the holiday. It’s got to be tough when 1/3 of your greatest blessings aren’t there to be thankful for.

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    • Yes, it will be a bit hollow, so I’ll try to focus on Christmas. Actually, the pecan pie is a substitution. I’m finally admitting I’m the only one who likes mincemeat, and I definitely do not need a whole pie to myself!


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