Clean house? It’s overrated.

Let’s see…

This past weekend I didn’t

  • dust
  • clean the bathrooms
  • finish the laundry
  • scrub the floors
  • vacuum the basement

By no standards could one say my house is clean.

But tomorrow night my boy comes home for the first time in 2 1/2 months. Our middle girl finally gets a break from her student teaching and mountains of papers to grade. This weekend we will put out our beloved Christmas decorations, fill the house with the scent of fir, and delight our ears with our favorite Christmas music from around the world.

This is a good life, clean house or not.


8 thoughts on “Clean house? It’s overrated.

  1. Hahaha — forget about things like dusting, you’re at least getting ready for Christmas. I’ve got “put leftover Halloween candy somewhere other than next to the front door” still on my to-do list!

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