If the glove fits…

With the onset of frigid temperatures and freezing rain yesterday, it was time for a Grand Coat Closet Cleanout.

It was a rather puzzling event, as we turned up pair after pair of gloves that had either been given up for lost or completely forgotten.

Two pairs of leather “dress coat” gloves, which I had replaced last year with a third pair when these went missing. The pair on the right is now in the mail to Oldest, who lost one of her black leather gloves at Midway when she arrived in Chicago earlier in the week.

Perfectly good men’s leather “dress coat” gloves, belonging to the boy. He found them with his winter clothes he was getting out of storage to take back to college with him. We know not why he already had a another pair in his coat pocket, which he likes better than these. This pair is now in the pile of items to go to the charity shop, along with a number of hats, scarves, and balaclavas that we can’t possibly get around to ever needing.

A casual pair I like to wear when out walking. I never once wore them last year because I was never able to find them. Instead I wore one of these when exercising outdoors:

Middle accuses me of having “muppet hands” when I wear the pink fuzzy ones, so I’m glad to have the casual greys back.

The Boy’s favorite snow-shoveling gloves. Hoping they won’t be necessary too often this year.

And a pair of “work gloves,” which The Husband unearthed and handed over to the boy, who spent a few hours in the cold garage yesterday, working on the engine of his Jeep.

It seems obvious that this household is a Twilight Zone for hand-warming garments. If you, yourself are missing any winter gloves, I suggest you comment below. Chance are they are hiding someplace in this vicinity.


4 thoughts on “If the glove fits…

  1. Glad you found so many long-lost-but-still-wanted gloves in your clean-up. Whenever I try to sift through our box of gloves and hats, I just find old gloves with holes, and hats that permanently reek of Boy Scout campouts.

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  2. Just about all of our hats and gloves were donated after we moved to Georgia. Sure, we have cold days where the wind blows right through us and I wish I would have kept my winter coat, but just as air conditioning is a luxury in the Seattle area, warm attire is a luxury here. In fact, today we will be in the mid to upper 70s. We considered having Thanksgiving outdoors this year. It’s warm, but then again, I’m from an area where the shorts and tank tops come out just because the sun is shining. Stay warm!

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    • Isn’t it funny how we get used to whatever we’re exposed to? With the distinct changes of seasons around here, every time we go from temperate to cold or from cold to temperate it’s a major shock!


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