A Christmas Carol.

Well, we’re doing it again today. Driving almost three hours to attend a concert our son is in. On a weeknight. In bad weather this time.

But I just can’t keep away. Because choral Christmas music! And our boy! Two of my very favorite things.

It’s a little weird this year, though. The Boy is so consumed by his work as a Resident Assistant in a dorm on campus, his weekly flight lessons, and heading up the campus climbing club that his reports about singing, conducting, and rehearsing have been pretty sparse since school started. The most telling sign? He hardly sang at all in the whole four days he was home. And very little conversation about his choir or voice and piano lessons.

I guess that’s what being 20 is about. Exploring interests, stretching your wings.

But I’m glad that, for him, being 20 also still means making beautiful music that his adoring mother will enjoy with all her heart.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol.

    • Thank you! I can’t help but think it’s a little crazy to drive a total of almost 6 hours for a 90-minute concert. But those years are almost over, and I want to enjoy them while we can!


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