Are you smarter than a college student?

The answer to that question is, I suppose, what college student do you want me to compare myself to?  Because if I’m measured against my own three college kids, the answer would have to be “no.” I am definitely not up to their level of mental prowess.

Yesterday and this morning I had cause to question the smarts of some college students, though. Our boy got involved in a Facebook conversation around something he posted. It went on and on and on…and I couldn’t help but follow all of it. Possibly not the smartest thing I ever did, in terms of my blood pressure.

Our son’s post was hijacked by another young man he knows at college. I’ve seen some of this person’s bilge before, in the same venue. This is a 20-ish-year-old whose views are so self-righteous, misogynistic, and hateful toward the poor and downtrodden that every time I read his writings I shudder for the future of our nation and our world. The courage of his convictions (fed to him by a fundamentalist family and Fox “News” personalities) is so strong he feels justified in pronouncing anyone who disagrees with his sophomoric worldview to be “ignorant and uneducated.”

In this particular conversation he argued vehemently that in many cases rape victims “ask for it” because men are so driven by hormones that they can’t possibly be expected to control themselves. Original, no? There was a lot more. Like how easy it is for a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy to come up with the resources and support system needed to give birth.  That it would be impossible for a woman who had been raped and impregnated to have negative feelings toward the product of the rape. And that, for these reasons, there is absolutely no case in which abortion is defensible. There was a lot more, all in the same vein and all displaying a complete lack of empathy, lack of critical thinking, and, quite honestly, lack of intelligence.

It was very difficult for me NOT to put my two cents’ worth in. Especially since one of this kid’s soapboxes is that if you don’t agree with him you can’t possibly be  “Christian.”

I managed to keep my mouth shut and my fingers away from the keyboard, though. Partly because our son was doing a fine job of handling the conversation with his voice of reason and compassion. Partly because I would have felt like a bully had I, from the perspective of age and experience, tried to put this dangerously ignorant young fool in his place. And partly because there’s no changing the mindset of someone whose mind is permanently slammed shut.

One thing’s for sure, though, this kid is a true product of the state of Kansas.

Heavy sigh.



4 thoughts on “Are you smarter than a college student?

  1. Oh my. I cringed reading this. Those are hard posts to read. I have a cousin who is ten years younger than me and therefore in his mid 20s who is also a product of Kansas and whose social views are at constant odds with mine and who also has used religion to justify his beliefs. I give you a lot of credit for staying silent and letting your son handle it. It is really, really hard to do but you are so right in your reasoning. And kudos to your son for handling it- a testament to you!

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