Dashing through the…days

The last couple of days went by in a flash. Highlights:

  • Napping in my car at a truck stop on the way to The Boy’s Christmas concert. Definitely a first for me. But the three-hour afternoon drive along the world’s most boring highway was a real snoozer. Better to snooze while stopped instead of while driving along at 80 mph.
  • A happy little conversation with a South Korean grandma while getting gas across the street from our hotel. Probably the most cheerful stranger I’ve ever met. Interestingly, she asked if I were Spanish. I was sorry to disappoint her.
  • Dinner out all by myself on the way to the university. I love doing that, as long as I have a book with me. Currently I’m re-reading “Jane Eyre” on my phone. Holy cow, what an over-the-top melodromatic book. I had forgotten.
  • Met The Husband on campus for some beautiful classical Christmas music, followed by an intimate post-concert concert by our boy and his barbershop quartet. He’s the one with the beard. Such a cutie.

  • On the road by 6:30 yesteday morning, with a quick stop at a Starbuck’s drive-through for a venti peppermint mocha. Which, by the way, was not quite enough to keep me 100% alert on the long drive home. A brief wake-up stop was required.
  • Back in town in time for our 9:30 staff meeting at work.
  • Off to another nearby church’s 10:45 staff meeting to provide consultation on the citywide leadership initiative whose steering team I’ve recently joined. Turns out there’s nothing like sitting around a table with a bunch of frowning, nay-saying killjoys to make you appreciate the fun and supportive people you actually work with.

After all that, it was heavenly to return home in the afternoon to our newly Christmas-decorated home, switch on the lights on the tree, and curl up under a blanket for a nap. A lot more cozy than yesterday’s truck stop sleep.

Coming up later this week: Seeing our niece and another young friend in a production of “Miracle on 34th Street,” and Middle’s university Christmas concert on Saturday.

I love this season!

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