Light and darkness.

And so yesterday’s shooting happened. I say “yesterday’s shooting” to differentiate from the one a few days ago, last week, last month, the one that will happen later this week, the one that will happen next week…

I don’t want this to be a political post, though I am convinced that this nation’s daily shootings are absolutely a political issue – as in our politicians being owned by the pro-gun lobby (read: “thugs”).

Instead, here’s a little story of how I spent my late afternoon/early evening, as minute-by-minute news reports were coming in about the horrors in California.

  • Sitting on the floor in our church nursery, I narrated my favorite two-year-old’s newly discovered skill of jumping off a six-inch step while he said “Jump!” And then collapsed into laughter with him each time he did it.
  • I discussed the colors of the various trucks and cars another two-year-old friend busily lined up, along with the many different “guys” in said vehicles.
  • I watched and talked through, with yet another adorable two-year-old, the placing of that same set of cars and trucks inside a toy bus, delighting as he practiced his prepositions. “Up. Up. Up.” “In. In. In.”
  • I observed the favorite activity of a dear toddler girl: locating all the other children’s sippy cups that have been abandoned around the play area and delivering them to their owners. She always knows which cup belongs to which of her little friends, and is very serious about making sure they each have the correct one.
  • I cuddled an extremely round six-month old and gave her a bottle as she drifted off to sleep.

An evening of joy and hope found in small children’s important work of learning and growing. An evening deliberately focused on the goodness and beauty of life, as seen through their eyes.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. 


5 thoughts on “Light and darkness.

  1. I love this. These children are our future and with the proper love, attention and knowledge they will be saved from going down the evil, corrupt paths that so many others have. Their laughter is a such a beautiful sound above the noise of the world.

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