Now entering the state of denial. 

I suppose, in some respects, I’ve been there for a while. But this gun-mad, fear-mongering, captalism-gone-amok nation has put me over the edge.

Here’s my exciting idea: I’m going to pretend the world (well, mostly the U.S.) doesn’t exist for the next two days. Of course, I’ll miss out on a few mass shootings, a lot of xenophobic and misogynistic posturing by Republican politicians and presidential candidates, the shutdown of one or two Planned Parenthood clinics that allow women access to health care services.

I think I can bear the solitude quite nicely, thank you.

Instead, I’m going to live the next two days in a combination 50’s-era sitcom/magazine ad. Something along these lines:

Yup, that will be me. Dancing my way through such mundane tasks as cooking, knitting, and laundry. In a skirt and apron, with a string of pearls around my neck as I vacuum.

Oh, and here’s a bonus! I’ll be fulfilling my natural role as a female, to the great delight of the fantasies of so many wealthy and powerful old white men.

Let the denial begin.


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