A little Christmas freak show.

Coming home last night from a heartwarming high school production of “Miracle on 34th Street,” I was in the mood for more Christmas warm fuzzies.

It was too late to start a seasonal movie, so we put on some soft Christmas music, cuddled up in bed, and played around online. I mean looking at cute Christmassy photos of animals and such. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter!

Guinea pigs in Santa hats. Puppies under a decorated tree. So sweet.

But then…there was this.

I’ve always thought early 20th century pop culture was bizarre. This froggy holiday parade proves my point.

And then, this:

Firstly, this illustration surly depicts a horrific air disaster a mere split second before contact. Secondly, read the text. It advocates greeting Santa by burning him alive, should he survive the impact of the crash.

This one suggests an S&M Christmas:

Note the ropes holding Santa down, the domination apparent on the girl’s face, Santa’s obvious distress. Whoever created this one had some majorly unhealthy fantasies going on.

And finally, this masterpiece of Christmas joy:

What brightens the season better than brutal murder and burglary among frogs? And, why frogs again?

Happy holidays!


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