Lesson learned. 

I really don’t like being out “late” (meaning past 4:00 pm) on a Saturday night. But Middle’s Christmas concert was last night, and I wouldn’t miss that for the world. Unfortunately that meant being out until 10:00, when I had to be at work by 7:45 the next morning.

It turned out to be the perfect storm. The cold I’ve been nursing for two weeks has just exploded into a sinus infection. We had to eat super early to leave for the concert, which meant leaving all the dishes until later. I NEVER leave the house with the kitchen in a mess, because that’s a crappy thing to come home to.

Got home at 10:00, ready to collapse in a heap never to rise again. Being greeted by kitchen filth almost made me burst into tears. Had Middle been home, she would have done the clean-up…but she was staying over with a friend. The Husband would have offered if he’d even noticed the disaster area, but had he tried to do the dishes he literally would have been up until midnight. Seriously, he’s that slow. So I just went to bed, knowing I’d kick myself in the morning.

By this morning that pile of #%$! in the kitchen was smelling a bit rank, and I was definitely kicking myself. It was worth it to be a few minutes late to work, so I took the time to clear up all the dishes before I left the house.

Boy, did I like myself when I got home from work, wiped out from a busy morning and a sinus infection, and found nice, clean kitchen counters. We warmed up some soup for lunch, and now I’m in my comfiest jeans and hoodie, curled up on the coutch and listening to some favorite Christmas music.

The cleaning bitch showed up just in time.



2 thoughts on “Lesson learned. 

  1. Good thing you cleaned when you did! Coming home to a dirty kitchen is always stressful but coming home to that when you’re sick and exhausted? Not the best feeling.. Hope you feel better soon!


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