Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but here goes…

1. Every try to hold in a sneeze while also holding in a breathful of rescue inhaler? I can’t recommend it.

2. Sinus infection + occasional fever + nearly constant perimenopausal sweats = smelly, damp, and cranky mama.

3. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to try and make fudge last night. What we actually got was a very rich pan of thick, runny goo. I’m calling it “spoon fudge,” for obvious reasons.

4. If you happen to be standing at the stove in our kitchen and hear the wail of a train whistle coming straight for you, don’t be alarmed. There’s almost no chance that the train track a mile away has diverted directly into your frying pan of eggs. The sound funnels through the stove vent, creating an interestingly surreal breakfast experience.

5. There’s been a Christmas miracle at our house. After a struggle that’s lasted over a year, with particularly intense fighting for the last month, The Husband finally forced the Kansas City Star to start delivering to us again, starting today. Only fair, really since they’d continued to charge us even though they chose not to deliver any product for several weeks. As an aside, their customer service reps in the Phillipines are quite lovely…they just seem to have absolutely no connection to the actual operation right here in our city.


6. Didn’t I see a post from WordPress recently celebrating how fast photo uploads are now? Ummm…the above photo took way longer to load than usual. Just sayin’.

7. Our Boy comes home for the holiday this Sunday! And then, a few days later, our Oldest gets here. That’s when Christmas will really begin, though I am loving the music, scents, and decorations even without having all my favorites around me.

8. The word “thing” cracks me up this time of year. As in:

“Santa’s filled his sleigh with THINGS. THINGS for you and for me.”

“Let us go now to Bethlehem and see this THING that has taken place.”

9. I’m staying home today, so as not to infect my co-workers. But I’m sad to miss out on our Tuesday morning meetings, which are always full of hilarity, shenagans, and hijinks.

10. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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