Realistic goals. 

This is how I’m feeling today, as we are COMPLETLY OUT OF CHRISTMAS TREATS IN THIS HOUSE!

Even though there are no darling children in the house for the next week who will help me create the mess of baking and enjoy the results, I feel the need to rectify this situation. 

Monday night’s fudge experiment was a flop. I thought I’d make a second batch of my favorite holiday treat – spider cookies, as we call them – yesterday, but I didn’t have the energy between bouts of coughing. 

I really have to get myself dressed and presentable for a 4:00 meeting today. I’m thinking this will only be possible if I’m first able to scarf down one or two frozen globs of chocolate, butterscotch, cashews, and chow mein noodles. Therefore I’ve got to get my ass in gear by noon to get those bad boys assembled. 

As you can see, I am keenly aware of both my capabilities and my limitations. 


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