Merry Happy Birthdayversary-mas!

With a birthday on December 15, not to mention a wedding anniversary on Dec 21, the most wonderful time of the year is really packed around here.

Luckily, I love the season so much that having my birthday and anniversary inextricably linked with Christmas is perfectly fine with me. When I was little, it didn’t really even bother me that my birthday presents were invariably wrapped in green and red paper with Santa faces. Or that my birthday ice cream most years was those little, green, tree-shaped, frozen treats. All part of the fun.

My own little family are excellent at keeping the two celebrations separate. As always, there’s a growing collection of birthday-paper-wrapped gifts waiting to be opened later today. They always remember to ask what I’d like to do for dinner on my special day – this time it’s a new Thai restaurant in the historic downtown area we love so much. This morning we’re continuing a tradition just started last year – breakfast out with the two darlings who are home, finished with this semester’s course work, and happy to spend time together.

Maybe the ten days between my birthday and Christmas is just enough of a cushion to save me from the horrors of the combination gift. Or maybe my family is just awesomely thoughtful.

Yes, I think that’s it.


10 thoughts on “Merry Happy Birthdayversary-mas!

  1. Well, happy late birthday to you! We have a similar problem. My boyfriend and I celebrate our anniversary on the 11th (10 years now), my youngest has a birthday on the 12th, and then, of course Christmas is always nearby! For her birthday each year, we always take her out to eat, and each of the grandparents have her spend the night.

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  2. Happy Birthday!

    I think your family is so thoughtful! You have reminded me to make sure I don’t get lazy about my mom’s birthday which is shortly after Christmas. No combo gifts.

    Hope you had a wonderful dinner and a very happy birthday!


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