Five reasons why morning is the best part of the day.

  1. It’s still dark when you get up, and the tree lights are gorgeous.


2. Coffee.

3. Christmas music playing softly as you read the paper.

4. Kids home to provide hilarious conversation to keep you entertained over your coffee and toast.

5. More coffee.

Any questions?


8 thoughts on “Five reasons why morning is the best part of the day.

  1. Looking at the clock in the background — if you’re really getting up at 2:47 in the morning to enjoy your tree lights, I can see why you need all that coffee! And I’d be impressed if you get hilarious conversation out of the kids at that hour; all I’ve gotten is arguments about curfew. 🙂

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    • Ooh – busted. That picture was actually taken in the afternoon on a very gloomy day. But it really is what the tree looks like early in the morning. I did, however, get excellent conversation out of our two who are home, this morning at 7:45. 🙂


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