Adding insult to injury.

Laundry has to be the most thankless, endlessly futile task of all the household chores. Now that I’m the lucky stiff who gets to do my MIL’s laundry every week on top of the family average of at least one load a day, I’m surprised to find that it is actually possible to hate doing laundry even more than I ever have before.

So when The Husband came home with his mom’s laundry in a new basket he’d picked up for her (replacing her old one that had developed a busted handle), I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw what some designer somewhere had considered a good idea for laundry basket decoration:

Printed right there on the bottom of the basket, a constant reminder of the never-ending nature of my least favorite chore. Is there actually a marketer out there who thought this would be an attraction? Because it is SOOOO not.

I can only assume that it was designed by someone who has never been responsible for his own household laundry.


7 thoughts on “Adding insult to injury.

      • Personally, I could enjoy laundry word-art if it had taken a multi-lingual vocabulary approach. Something like 4 words (laundry, wash, dry, fold) in 6 different languages. Each language has its own typeface, and each of the 4 words has its own color, so you can match them all up. That would at least be a nice distraction! But perhaps I am too much of a geek and others would not find this appealing, and I should stick to my day job which does not involve designing laundry-related decor. 😀

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  1. Yes, I feel most of the things created to make our chores easier have been invented by someone who has not clue. (I’m going backwards on your posts to catch up) It’s funny though, I like doing laundry…it’s the ironing I don’t like.


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