How to put a damper on Christmas week.

Step 1: Feel strangely unable to get out of bed. 

Step 2: Give yourself a break because yesterday was a marathon and you deserve to sleep in.

Step 3: Discover upon finally getting up that you have fever, chills and a urinary tract infection.

Step 4: Find that you can’t get in to see the doctor until late afternoon.

Step 5: Give up and go back to bed. 

But, having slept until 9:00 I’m not particularly sleepy, so I’ll flood this post with odd Christmas-related images I’ve been collecting: 


Because who doesn’t think of dancing pigs at this time of year?

Creepster Santa. I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of how he might be staying jolly.

Delivering the Christmas pudding? Or stealing it?

From the expressions on these little guys’ faces, I’d say it’s time for a little call to the ASPCA.

Not Christmassy, but pretty much how I’m feeling today. 

Trying to hang onto the holiday spirit…Merrymerrymerrymerrymerrymerrymerrymerry…


8 thoughts on “How to put a damper on Christmas week.

    • I felt tons better this morning – just really tired. The sad thing is that even if I hadn’t lost a day yesterday I don’t think I would have quite realized how far behind I was on Christmas stuff and done anything about it. Apparently I’m living in complete denial. I could swear Christmas was at least three weeks away.


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