Second choice.

I was planning a seriously brilliant and thought-provoking piece today about some recent encounters with discrimination, misogyny, and unconscious bias. But hey, it’s Christmas week, I’m seriously behind due to a lost day yesterday, there’s no food in the house, and our oldest finally comes home tomorrow morning. Really have to deal with life today.

So I’ll save the brilliant and thought-provoking crap for later, and leave you all with this bit of Christmas splendor:

A very interesting Christmas catalog that would be, indeed. Santa-sponsored killing!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!


7 thoughts on “Second choice.

  1. I received an advertisement once that read, buy xyz rifle and receive a diamond for her. First of all it was sexist, then it just made me laugh. I just don’t get the gun thing. My husband has them for hunting, but I just don’t want to be around them. (my personal choice)

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  2. That is a seriously creepy ad! I like the text that claims this gun will make a boy “self-reliant and keep him in the fresh air.” Personally, I attempted to meet those goals by enrolling my son in Boy Scouts rather than by handing him a firearm.

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      • True, although in 12 years of Scouts, there was only 1 day when he was exposed to guns. And I could have opted him out of that. (But I felt that for a mature teen, to learn enough about guns to demystify them, and basic gun safety, could be helpful in case he ever encountered guns in a more-questionable or unsafe setting as an adult.)

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