Christmas time is here…

Our oldest is boarding her plane on the east coast; we’ll be heading to the airport to pick her up in a couple of hours. And then the holiday really begins.

Our little nest will be full again, as will my heart. The house will be noisy, messy, chaotic, full of laughter. The laundry hampers will fill up as quickly as the refrigerator empties. We’ll have games, Christmas secrets, movies, comings and goings, and much joy.

For some, though, Christmas isn’t such a boisterous, happy time. In fact, there’s one person I need to reach out to, knowing that it will make a difference. It won’t be easy. But it will be right, and will give my mind some rest. I hope.

Funny how, for children, Christmas is all excitement and fun, beautiful lights and shiny wrapping. It’s like a magical world for little ones. As an adult, though, the pains and frustration of real life intrude. The magic is dimmed by to-do lists, work responsibilities, old hurts. 
Today I’ll do what I can to deal with one of those old hurts, so I can enjoy Christmas knowing I’ve at least tried.

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer

Time for all the children call their favorite time of year.  


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