Christmas coffee

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely social media-literate. So I’ll assume you heard about the Starbucks Christmas coffee cup ad nauseum a few weeks ago.

We had our own coffee controversy at our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It all started on the 24th, when Middle was cooking. She pulled a large-ish glass jar out of the spice cabinet, directly under which was sitting a potpourri pot filled with hot water and mulling spices, and accidentally dropped it into said pot. Instant disaster. Brown water, allspice, cloves, orange peel, and cinnamon stick splashed as far as the eye could see.

But it was a spot the eye couldn’t see that created the Great Christmas Morning Tragedy of 2015.

Because the coffee maker also sits under the spice cabinet. And its lid had been opened when the large-ish spice jar took a dive. We didn’t realize it until we went to make our Christmas morning coffee, but a pod of allspice (small, black, and perfectly round) had become airborne and came down into the water well of the coffee maker, eventually rolling down into the small tube that transports the water from the well into the coffee basket.  This little offender was not discovered until later in the day, when The Boy took the machine out to the garage and blasted it with the hose from the air compressor.

The coffee maker tried its best, but all it could produce was billowing clouds of steam. The long and the short of it was “no coffee.”


I’m certain Santa would have left only lumps of coal if he were still visiting our house. No leisurely coffee to be had here this year.

We struggled through the morning, making do with tea. I like tea, but it really doesn’t do the job when I’m dragging my feet. There was a run to the nearby QT in the early afternoon (the only establishment open on Christmas Day) for a couple of lattes, but convenience store coffee really doesn’t cut it, and half of it was poured down the drain.

Thankfully the allspice was removed before a second coffee-deprived morning arrived. And the potpourri pot has been permanently removed from its precarious spot.

The Great Christmas Tragedy of 2015: Never Forget.


6 thoughts on “Christmas coffee

  1. oh my. I cannot live without coffee. I actually have one of those single cup cones for just such mechanical difficulties. I did have a little fiasco trying to make my single cup with my special peppermint flavored beans. I started pouring the water into the cone but the cup was upside down. When I got all excited about that, I tipped over the cone which spread grounds and water all over and under things on the counter.

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  2. Glad that your coffee-maker was ultimately able to be fixed! Caffeine deprivation is not a source of holiday joy. My household also had a coffee-maker emergency Christmas morning. Clearly Starbucks’ cup choice was responsible for jinxing completely unrelated coffee-makers all over the nation. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you…

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