Blast from the past.

One of the biggest hits of Christmas was a gift that wasn’t intended to be amusing in any way: A cookbook made up of recipes contributed by residents of southeastern Kansas, sold as a fundraiser for their local township library (certainly a cause after my own heart). It was a present from Grandma to her granddaughter (Middle), who loves to cook. Of course, Grandma doesn’t have a clue that there’s not a single recipe in that book that her vegan granddaughter would care to make. 
We enjoyed reading the names of the old dears who had sent in recipes for the cause. Wilma, Juanita, Peggy, Betty, Leeta, Eleanora, Virginia. Even more interesting was the fact that they’d managed to survive into old age, considering what they’d been eating all their lives. 

Simply reading these three could put one into a diabetic coma:



Personally, I’d go hungry before I’d eat this one:


There’s little chance  we’ll be trying out any of the delicacies suggested in this little cookbook. But it was worth it’s weight in gold for the serious laughs we got out of it!



6 thoughts on “Blast from the past.

  1. I’ve got a similar cookbook from my friend’s parents’ church. Amazing that entire generations could eat that way, and live long enough to reproduce!

    The beet salad looks especially bizarre. Does that count as a dessert or a vegetable?!

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