Old year/new year 

Generally I’m not given to a lot of reflecting on the old year and resolving for the new – which is a bit odd, considering I’m so ridiculously addicted to navel gazing introspection. (HAHA! That’s the first time I’ve ever used the strike-through feature. Pretty fun!)

But I am having a few Thoughts here and there this week. And being an exhibitionist blogger (HA! I did it again!), I feel compelled to share a few of those Thoughts.


1. It’s time for a bedroom makeover. After The Boy’s wildly successful bathroom remodel last summer, I had the brilliant idea that his Christmas gift to me (penniless college student that he is) could be doing the hard work part of the bedroom re-do. This Raskog (sorry, don’t know how to make the little circle appear above the “a” in Raskog) cart is the beginning. Today we’re headed to IKEA for the rest of the new furniture, curtains, and lighting. The boy will do the assembly and installation, and next week I’ll paint the walls. New year, new look, new bedroom retreat. Stay tuned for photos…



2. You’ve heard the saying “You can’t choose your family?” That one’s been particularly apt for me this holiday. There are a few family members who have caused me so much pain and and emotional distress that I’ve had to make some extremely difficult decisions that ended in cutting some ties, causing a lot of pretty serious stress. And so, the people I keep close to in our family are doubly precious to me. And we’ve defied the “can’t choose your family” dictum by spending a silly, laughter-filled early New Year with friends who have been a cornerstone in our lives for 25 years. We parents were all pregnant together for several years. The kids have known each other and created mayhem together since they were born. Last night when one of our old friends asked me how our Christmas was, I was able to speak the truth about the troubling family stuff, and received words of support and wisdom. Now THAT’S comfort and joy. 

Tonight our little family has our annual fine cheese party / “Lawrence of Arabia” viewing to ring in the new year. This year The Boy’s long-term (and seemingly quite serious) girlfriend is with us for the extravaganza, and I’m happy to welcome her into our weirdness. 

Wishing you and those you love real comfort and joy as we start on the adventure of 2016!


8 thoughts on “Old year/new year 

  1. I came over to visit and since you and April are planning projects I can happily watch from my one bedrm apt. I feel glad I am finished with downsizing. That part of my life is behind me but I can live vicariously through you “girls!”
    I enjoyed meeting your family and getting to know a small part of your “weirdness.” They all look attractive and fun to be around. Happy 2016! 🙂

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  2. Glad you’ve got a such a great circle of people to be your extended family. Imagine what that picture might look 10 years from now, with children-in-law and grandchildren crowded in too!

    Good luck with the bedroom re-do. Assembling IKEA furniture for you sounds like a great Christmas present from a penniless college student!


    • Ooh, good use for the Raskog! This is my third, but my first in this color – I’ve always wanted this one. We use one for towels in the bathroom and one for miscellaneous kitchen stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.


  3. Is the boy and friend doing a rendition of the Titanic scene? Funny! I’ve made some hard choices before about family, it was tough but worth the sanity. Have a Happy New Year! Oh, by the way, you’ve inspired me to work on that bedroom redo I have been talking about for years.

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    • Yes, the two boys looked at eachother just before we took the picture, both shouted “Titanic!” and this was what we got. 😄
      It would be great if you start a bedroom redo so we can compare notes on our projects again!

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      • Yes! I’m not sure I want to show before photos, but I’ve had strangers in my bedroom working on various things, I may as well show the rest of the world. 😉


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