From full house to three of a kind.

This evening Oldest returns to Baltimore after ten glorious days of having her home. Earlier this afternoon The Boy and his girlfriend (who’d been visiting since Wednesday) went back to his college town for a few days – he has to do his share of R.A.duty. So in the course of a few hours, the size of our household is being halved. 

What this reduction means, in real terms:

  • Perhaps we can get by from now on with one grocery trip per week, and maybe one quick stop for fresh fruit – rather than the SEVEN trips to purveyors of food in the last ten days. These people eat like they’re expecting famine to hit at any moment.

This sign was actually seen at Penzy’s Spices, but it’s so weird I just have to count it as trip. number 8 to a purveyer of food. Prune Dreams? Sounds more like a nightmare to me.

  • One run of the dishwasher per day vs. FOUR.
  • Washing towels a couple of times a week instead of EVERY OTHER DAY.
  • The kitchen won’t have to be open 24/7 to accommodate varying schedules and appetites. With any luck, I won’t have to look at (and feel) grunge on EVERY SURFACE of the kitchen EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY.
  • Half the number shoes, socks, laptops, phones, books, and teacups lying about at any given time. 

On the other hand, there will be half the people available to drop everything and play a game of cards or Bananagrams with me. Half the people available to offer their company on boring errands. Half the funny and lively conversation. Half the contentment.

Missing them already.


5 thoughts on “From full house to three of a kind.

  1. I know the feeling- our condo is just the two of us then my 27 yr old comes home with our grandson and his girlfriend – its loud and lots of coming and going…OHH its life once again in my condo ..then they leave. I cry.
    Its back to me and Ole’ Wise One.

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  2. The mess kind of follows them, doesn’t it. I like it because I know they’re home….like I’m sure you do. Our daughter is coming home at the end of the month. She leaves a trail wherever she goes…and I love it.


  3. I’m sure you’re missing them a bunch already. Full house is definitely better, even though it does come with full hampers, full dishwasher, and an empty fridge.

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