Low-key resolutions.


After more than a week of Christmas vacation, I discovered this morning –  as I pulled out of the driveway – that I had forgotten how to get dressed for work. No scarf to compliment my outfit (and keep my neck warm) and no jewelry (horrors!)

In keeping with my lackluster interest in New Year’s resolutions, I think I’ll go with “remember to finish getting dressed” as my number one goal for 2016.

Goal number two:

Annoy my three children via text at least once per week. Details:

  • Text The Boy this song title: “What’s New, Pussycat?” When he discovered this old Tom Jones hit, he was mesmerized by its bizarre-ness, and any mention of it will drive him nuts with an earworm for the rest of the day.
  • Text Oldest a comment about meals that “stick to your ribs.” I intentionally made a very filling dinner last night before she headed back to Baltimore, knowing that she usually goes hungry on her back-to-work-after-vacation flights. When I told her I was sure last night’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and spinach casserole would stick to her ribs, she practically vomited in disgust over this idiom. BWA-HA-HA-HA!!
  • Send our English/Secondary Education major Middle, a text each week, containing, way too many, commas.

Mission accomplished.

On the slightly more serious side, I’m going to nurture the inspiration from my friend April at Mom of 3 is Nuts to improve my morning routine. Step one will be NOT charging my phone and iPad on my bedside table overnight, to reduce the temptation of sitting in bed for an hour each morning, checking social media – rather than getting up and actually getting the day started.

Bring it on, 2016!



11 thoughts on “Low-key resolutions.

    • Oooh, then you would have liked the video I ran across a couple of weeks ago, which I think must have been from his variety show. He had on a BOSS orange, skin-tight jumpsuit, surrounded by freaky dancers in black and white, skin-type jumpsuits. It was some Beatles song. 🙂


  1. Like your goals! Moving the charging location will probably make a big difference to your morning routine.

    I’m aiming even lower-key for goals: make sure I really know what color pants I put on before I leave the house. And pretty sure my son already finds nearly all my texts annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like achievable goals! Moving the iPad did make a difference this morning, but now here I am in bed typing on it, and WAY too tired to take it downstairs for charging overnight. So I’ll have to practice serious restraint tomorrow morning…


  2. Thanks for the great ideas on ways to better annoy my own kids. And I should follow your example on using my time better … I find grabbing the cell phone first thing in the morning to be a huge time suck in my morning routine as well.

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