Heart officially melted.

In the last week we’ve been doing a lot of clearing out of our bedroom to prepare for the redecoration project that we’re planning for this coming weekend.

Considering what I found at the bottom of the drawer, the fact that the majority of the work on this project is our son’s Christmas present to me is particularly fitting.

Translated: “I want to play with you.” This note was slipped under my bedroom door by my boy almost 18 years ago, while I was indulging in that Holy Grail for moms, the Afternoon Nap.

I posted about it a couple of years ago; I thought the note was probably hiding in that drawer where I found it, but I was afraid to check – if it were lost, it would have broken my heart.

So looking forward to this project with our now almost-21-year-old son this weekend. I want to play with him, too.


6 thoughts on “Heart officially melted.

  1. Haven’t started on our bedroom redo except to look for ideas. I have some of those “I have to do this before I can do that” type of things. However, I’m going through a little phase of I don’t care about anything, so nothing is progressing. Thanks for the inspiration.

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