Bedroom redecorating, Day 1

Prep work had been taking place over the last week: excavation of artifacts; clearing out of killer dust bunnies, desiccated crickets, and hidey holes of $!%# The Husband had been collecting for the last nine years.


During the clear-out stage

But the really exciting bit started yesterday. We emptied the room Thursday evening, thereby discovering that The Husband and I have been sleeping in a truly microscopic bedroom for the last 27 years. Funny how stripping the walls and removing all the furniture can uncover the true dimensions of a room. A quick measurement proved it: The bedroom the girls have shared all their lives is actually five square feet larger than my bedroom. Who thought that was a good idea?!?

Other important discoveries on Day 1:

  • Having a really tall guy as your work partner removes the need for a whole lot of climbing up and down stepladders.

The green glowing orbs on the wall are not a decorating decision; rather just a trick of the iPhone camera.

  • This is the first household painting project I’ve ever done in which I’ve had the luxury of completely emptying the room. Definitely the way to go – the ability to use the long roller holder-thingy (a converted broom handle discovered in the garage, thus avoiding one trip to Home Depot) cut the painting time by at least 50%.


Wow, having. a giant for a work partner really accentuates just how tiny the room is.


  • A little humor on the new shag rug is a good way to end a day of hard, physical labor.


You can take the boy out of 6th grade, but you can’t take the 6th grade humor out of the boy.

Today is slated for bed- and dresser-building, moving in and organizing of all our bits and pieces that have been stashed elsewhere have for the last couple of days, hanging curtains, and an attempt at recovering our lovely, comfy bedroom chair with a throw in an updated color.

Let the work resume!


7 thoughts on “Bedroom redecorating, Day 1

  1. I am totally amazed and impressed that he can do that painting without any tarps or newspapers down, and not make a mess of the floor! Any time we paint in my house, it winds up on the floor, our bodies, the cat, etc.

    Nice color choice you’ve got there, by the way.

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    • Hahaha – our floors are so crappy we don’t worry too much about drips. But this was really nice, thick paint, and a dream to work with, so it wasn’t much of a problem. I was really upset by the paint color at first – other people had undue influence when I made the purchase, and I really wanted a much darker grey. But once we got all the furniture and curtains in the walls looked a lot better.


    • I’m really looking forward to getting a queen mattress – but we couldn’t afford to do that at the same time as all of this first stage. So for now I’ll just have to wear a helmet to bed to avoid concussions from my husbands elbow.

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  2. You’re off to a great start! We’re actually going to take the steps necessary to take the steps to get the the bedroom remodel. It starts with charity donations that have been piling up in another room. Also, I have some painting to finish in another room. Then…….

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