Bedroom redecoration Days 2 and 3: Mistakes were made.

It was a mammoth task, but we’ve got the bedroom project nearly complete, after a full weekend of thinking of nothing else. It was a triumph of persevering in the face of adversity:

I miscalculated on the paint color. I would have preferred a much darker grey, and until we got all the darker grey items into in the room, the color we used really argued with the turquoise cart and bedside tables. The finished product is not quite perfect, but I do like it.



In spite of measuring, measuring, estimating, and more measuring, most of the pieces did NOT fit where I had intended to put them. And the chair we’ve had in our room for several years turned out to be way too big to fit anywhere. Not to mention the fact that we had planned to recover that large chair, but that turned out to be too much for our limited skills. Luckily there was a perfect chair in The Boy’s room from when I redecorated in there a couple of years ago. He generously agreed to a trade. Long story short,  we had about an hour of moving furniture in and out, trying to get the perfect configuration.


The biggest mistake was the accidental purchase of 1/2 of an IKEA 6-drawer dresser and 1/2 of an IKEA three-drawer chest. An emergency IKEA run in the middle of the project to exchange the three-drawer half didn’t make anyone happy on Saturday, but we plowed through it and made it work.



Installing power strips on the wall, on both sides of the bed. Love it!

There are still a few finishing touches to work out – wall art, pillow shams, robe hooks, cord covers. But we’ve turned a grubby, dated room into a warm, cozy haven in just three days.




4 thoughts on “Bedroom redecoration Days 2 and 3: Mistakes were made.

  1. Glad you got it (nearly) all done and are happy with the results! I can see why you had to fix the dresser snafu. Half a 6-drawer dresser and half a 3-drawer dresser would have made a 4.5-drawer dresser, and half a drawer is just weird. 🙂

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