Monday Madness

Weird things about today include…

  • Two cars I saw on the way to work this morning:
  1. A Masarati right in front of me – pretty unusual
  2. A white Taurus with a festive, colorful decal covering the entire driver’s side, advertising hospice care. WTF?!?
  • Warm, misty weather in January, with a slight smell of spring in the air
  • A friend reunion over coffee this afternoon, including
    • Two friends I’ve known for 25 years and with whom I still get together regularly
    • One friend who all three of us have known for 25 years, but who moved to Iowa 19 years ago, and whom we haven’t seen in all those years
    • One mutual friend that we discovered, through serendipitous FB comments on a post I made, was the college roommate and bridesmaid of the friend who moved away 19 years ago


This week is off to a very interesting start!



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