Top 4 bad ideas of the week…

In reverse order:

Bad Idea Number 4


Perhaps not so much a bad idea as just a really weird idea. You’ll note that this product is on clearance.

Bad Idea Number 3:


Do these new Pop Tart flavors even require comment?

Bad Idea Number 2


This one’s more in the realm of completely bat-shit crazy. This mom and her family live , sadly, just a few miles away from my home town of Topeka, Kansas. Even better, the follow-up story in this morning’s paper was that this mom was arrested yesterday in the big bust that went down in the Oregon siege. A couple of other little tidbits: She took seven of her ten kids on this crazy-ass trip. And she has a record with child protective services. BIG surprise.

And (drumroll please) Bad Idea Number 1:

This is the one that took up most of my energy this week and kept me from posting until today. No photo of this one, but I’ll describe it for you:

The number 1 bad idea for this week (though it’s a situation that’s been developing  over the last month, really) is to have your workplace’s (which, for clarity, I’ll remind you is a church, NOT a business) best financial year ever, and yet make the call that this will be the year when you, as a governing board, decide that giving your  chronically underpaid staff members an end-of-year bonus is really too much work. You know, deciding who gets how much, and then asking your staff accountant to cut the checks – I mean, how could they possibly manage the stress?

And then decide that instead of a bonus, from now on you’ll take the entire staff out to dinner at a mediocre restaurant. And decide that the organization will also pay for the governing board’s (and their spouses) meals, as well, effectively giving the governing board the same “appreciation” bonus as they give the staff. Oh, and for good measure, come out with a statement that if, for any reason, staff members can’t be at that dinner, they’re fresh out of luck and nothing at all will be done for them.

Because that’s an awesome way to repay the people who did the hard work of creating an atmosphere in which an excellent financial year was possible.

Having shared Bad Idea Number 1, I must admit this is truly out of character for my church/employer. The idea itself sucked, and the way it was handled sucked even more, but even so I know our staff is in a much better place than any other church staff members I’ve ever encountered.

Can’t tell you how glad I am this week is over. Hoping for a bunch of good ideas to come my way next week.


5 thoughts on “Top 4 bad ideas of the week…

  1. I like Yes to Carrots lotion. It’s great for my dry hands. The other ideas are truly bad, bad. Who would think a watermelon Pop-tart would be tasty? Shame on that mother….what was the lesson she wanted the kids to learn? Your employer? Employers always come up with some oddball ways to show their appreciation for the hard work. My husband got to go go-cart racing as his bonus.


  2. Okay, I think I have to disagree with you on maple bacon pop tarts. I am SO going to go and find those if we get them here. I think they’d be winners.

    Sorry to hear about your church – that’s both disappointing and awkward.

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