One of life’s little mysteries.

Why does feeling like this:

So rarely lead to this:

Every day last week I came home emotionally spent from dealing with an unpleasant labor relations issue, not exactly my forte. Every evening I was on “supportive mom” duty for our daughter as she had stress freak-outs (perfectly reasonably) over her student teaching semester. I was literally in bed and DONE for the day by 7:00. Not asleep by 7:00, but hiding from the world in my beautiful new bedroom, taking refuge in books, Netflix, and Nancy Drew computer games. I only got two fairly decent – though fitful – sleeps, on the nights I resorted to my old buddy, Benedryl.

Last night, the perimenopausal hot flash hormones kicked back in after a couple of weeks of hibernation, which meant yet another sleepless night.  With the added joy of a sweat-dampened pajama top.

My planner for the coming week includes some unusual events, a meeting that’s unlikely to go well due to the presence of two warring factions, and a continuation of the labor relations issue.

I’m starting to wish I liked wine. Chocolate isn’t quite doing the trick.


9 thoughts on “One of life’s little mysteries.

  1. Hmm, lack of sleep always throws me off balance in a big way. Having loads of ideas, worries, thoughts whizzing round your head doesn’t help. And nor do the hot flushes! Here’s hoping for a more restful week for you Amy. PS I don’t often comment because sometimes I don’t understand the very ‘American-ness’ of your references but I do always enjoy your humour 🙂 Sam x

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