Survival tip for exhausted moms. 

Emotions are running high both in my workplace (continuation of the labor relations issue) and at home (student teacher  daughter struggling with overwork, existential angst, and the sickening fact of racism and classism in our public education system).

Last night I beat my own personal record and was tucked up in bed, attempting without luck to hide from the world, by 6:30 pm.

Desperate for a few minutes of peace through denial, I remembered a tactic I used to use around the dinner table when we had all the kids at home and conversation became too heated (sibling rivalry), too deep (mathematically, politically, scientifically, etc.), or too jaw-breaking-yawn boring (e.g. protracted discussions about the relative merits of various military aircraft).

One time, years ago, during one of those long, involved conversations around the dinner table, three simple words popped into my head out of nowhere. I held up my hand to halt the conversation and uttered this earth-shattering phrase:

I like bunnies.

The sheer confusion factor immediately brought the family to complete silence. Puzzled, they requested an explanation. I told my dear, darling loved ones that I’d had enough. If the current conversation continued even one more moment, my head was 100% guaranteed to explode.

From then on, “I like bunnies,” became a code phrase that shut things up long enough for me to take a deep breath and enter the fray again.

In this time of killer high emotion in my work and personal life, I’m calling a virtual “I like bunnies.” 

And, dear reader, I’m delighted to share it with you…

Use liberally, as needed. Good luck.


18 thoughts on “Survival tip for exhausted moms. 

    • No way! Are you the aircraft buff, or someone else you know? At our house it’s my husband and son – there’s hardly a specification they don’t know.
      This bunny can hardly keep her eyes open – hoping I can squeeze in a nap this afternoon!


      • My younger one is in the midst of a WWII phase–mostly planes. Sometimes he catches me out when he asks what I like about the DeHavilland Mosquito or something like that….he’s too young to understand that just remembering the names is a big deal for me!

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  1. I wish I had the comforting words you need to hear. I like bunnies too, but the bedroom is a great place to escape. I hope things settle down in at least one area. It’s so hard to watch our kids deal with things that they have to work through on their own. Here’s to hanging in there to listen to your daughter and give advice to.

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    • Thank you, April. I keep being so torn between desperately wanting to help her through this stuff and knowing she really has to handle it herself. I know she’s extremely capable, but the emotional scenes tug at me. And oh, boy, the work thing. I think the poo is going to really start hitting the fan today. It’s good that it’s out in the open, but yuck.

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      • As for work, wear your rain gear and rubber boots. I understand the emotional tugs…our oldest was so stressed out with his job all I wanted to do was go to work for him. He finally stepped out of it, found a new job and seems very happy. I hope your daughter finds her way, with you as a mom I’m sure she will.

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  2. So needed this today! I like bunnies too- I’ll be using this. In fact I’d like to see a hashtag start trending on Twitter #ilikebunnies to basically let people know it’s time to switch gears. 🙂 Hope your week turns around but it sounds like you are in the thick of it so here is to bunnies and better days! (Raises coffee mug)


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