I’ve found a soulmate…

…and the best part is that I NEVER EVEN HAVE TO MEET HER.

At the risk of driving this introversion conversation into the ground, I have to share that this week I discovered Marzi of “Introvert Doodles.”

If you’ve ever thought you might possibly have introvert tendencies, and if you’ve ever felt like you’re some kind of mutant because of those tendencies, I urge you to Google her and read her Doodles. Or if you’re a lot more hip than I am, check her out on Instagram. For the first time ever, I’m actually considering starting an Instagram account just so I can follow this brilliant woman.

Every one of her sketches hits me right where I live, but this one in particular just about made me tear up, as I recognized a kindred spirit.


image credit: Maureen Wilson, genius

I’m dead serious, this is exactly how I react when the doorbell rings. Especially when it’s unexpected, but often even when I know someone’s coming over. Except I don’t dive under the bed because KILLER DUST BUNNIES.

When I first saw “The Surprise Visit,” I couldn’t help but muse on whether I’d completely scarred our three children with my terror of a ringing doorbell. Certainly they all learned from me NOT to go to the door when someone arrives. I couldn’t begin to count the times I’ve dashed upstairs to a front bedroom at the sound of the doorbell, to peek out the curtains until the interloper gave up and went away. Not sure that’s particularly healthy behavior to teach children, except possibly in terms of avoiding stranger danger.

At any rate, today I salute Marzi and “Introvert Doodles.” Thank you, my dear fellow introvert, for validating my existence.


7 thoughts on “I’ve found a soulmate…

  1. I do not like surprise knocks on the door and have been known to throw myself on the ground and army crawl to a remote location in the house so as not to be detected.

    I followed the account on IG. I think I can relate too.

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  2. Lol! I’m not an introvert per say but I do tend to get nervous/clammy hands when surprise guests show up. Is the house clean? Did I scrub the downstairs toilet? Is there anything to eat in the house other than biscuits and salsa? I’m a nervous wreck till they leave! Maybe I should try that hiding thing 🙈

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      • oh yes….this is what it says…No Solicitations, Please. To include any advertising, promoting, selling and/or explaining any product, service, organization, or cause…..thank you for your respect.

        Yes, it seems to work. Either that or it’s the sound of a rather large dog barking.

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