Faux sunshine.

Here we are in February, the smelly armpit of the calendar year. As much as I enjoy curling up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea, a book, or Netflix, I’m longing for some outdoor time. Or at the very least a good snowstorm that would shut everything down for a day or two, allowing us to indulge in that couch, blanket, and tea round the clock.

Instead, in this part of the world, we’ve got grey skies, blustery winds, naked trees, and brown grass. Bleh.

And so, here’s a little pretend sunshine for all of us…a sort of “I like bunnies” for these nasty, hopeless days of winter:




Hang in there!



12 thoughts on “Faux sunshine.

  1. Love the purple flower pic! I was literally thinking how fantastic February is here (Las Vegas). It’s our spring before the winds of March and the heat of actual spring kick in. I will, however, be envious of your June-August when I need to haul ice and a cooler in the car just to get milk home safely from the grocery store. Thanks for posting!

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  2. Here, you can have one of our snowstorms. Do you want the one from Friday that left us without power for over 30 hours? Or would you like today’s, which is making driving treacherous enough that my wife may sleep at work? You can ponder, while I go snowblow the driveway.

    Moral of the story, of course, is that February is obnoxious wherever you are. And this year, we even get an extra day of it. Blech! Got a picture of 29 cute things anywhere? 🙂


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