Technology to the Rescue

Having picked up Middle’s dreadful cold this week, I haven’t done much but sleep and rest for a couple of days now. Keeping all my electronic devices nearby and charged has been a life saver. I can access my work desktop from my home laptop, so there’s no pressure to go in to the office while I’m a sneezing, coughing mass of germs. I keep in touch with the kids for a little emotional lift throughout the day. Netflix and Acorn TV are keeping me entertained when I’m too tired even to hold a book.

But the award for “Best Use of Technology While Sick” may go to…envelope, please:

Online grocery shopping.

The store I shop at weekly offers free delivery for online orders if the order exceeds $100. We rack up at least $150 each week, so that’s no problem. I’d heard from a couple of friends that it really is as slick as it sounds, so I figured this day of sitting on the couch with blankets, pillows, hot tea, and cough drops was the perfect time to try it out.

Setting up the account was no more difficult that for any other website, except for the fact that my “points card” had somehow been set up with an email account I don’t use. An online chat with Dan, the customer service rep, took care of that little issue. And then the magic began!

Turns out the points card might be better dubbed a “Big Brother” card, as it’s been keeping track of what I purchase regularly, without my knowledge. A little creepy, until I realized that the keeping track made the online shopping a whole lot easier. A good 60% of the items on my list were right there on the first screen. I had to search for the rest, but typing in the names of a few items took a lot less energy than getting in the car and trolling the aisles, on a day when energy is in short supply.

So I’ve saved the list, will add to it over the rest of the day as I think of items I’ve forgotten, and will complete the transaction tomorrow morning.

Big questions still to be answered:

  • How will the produce look? I’m pretty picky about my fresh fruits and veg.
  • What kind of substitutions will I get if my items aren’t available?
  • How close will the delivery be to the time frame I’m quoted?
  • Do I tip the delivery person? I’m thinking yes, but I don’t have much experience with tipping outside of restaurants. Stress.

So…I’ll find out tomorrow whether it’s worth it to go from this:


to this:


Stay tuned…




7 thoughts on “Technology to the Rescue

  1. No kidding! I used to drag our three along, and it was a crap shoot every week whether we’d survive intact. My husband orders his mother’s disposable undies to be delivered to her retirement home, through Amazon. It’s a standing order so we call it the “pad of the month club.” 😀


  2. Hope you are feeling better! I have ordered my groceries to be delivered to me here a few times in the past. I think in America it’s probably a lot better than here. Thai time is a real thing, which means that when someone gives a time they will be somewhere you can be sure it will be either within two hours before or after that set time. It takes all day pretty much, so now I just go to the store myself. 🙂


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