And the winner is…


Online grocery shopping with free delivery!

An overview of my experience:

  • My order arrived at 11:02, and I’d requested the window of 11-12. Nice!
  • Sorry to be vulgar, but the delivery guy was hot. Definitely a plus.
  • It’s not that hard to ask “Are you allowed to accept tips?” Have a $5 bill in your pocket just in case the answer is yes, which it was in this case.
  • Don’t get distracted while you’re ordering. There were a few items I thought I had added to my cart, but actually hadn’t. I was trying to work on my order and talk on the phone at the same time. Not a good idea.
  • I now have about ten times more plastic bags than I will ever need in my life. You can’t use your recyclable shopping bags when ordering online. Hmmm.
  • Don’t know yet whether it’s better to order the night before in order to be sure to get the delivery time I want, or to wait until morning in case I think of other items to add at the last minute. Next time I’ll try waiting until morning, because I did miss a few items we needed.
  • Haven’t eaten any of the produce yet, but what they sent us looks like good quality.
  • You can only order sliced deli meats in 1-lb increments. We don’t actually eat a pound of sanwich meat in a week, so I just froze the extra.
  • Same for coffee. I normally get a gourmet blend of whole beans, and only enough for one week at a time so they’ll be fresh – since it’s just me drinking it, that’s not very much coffee. I had to get a 12-oz bag of ground coffee, but I can live with that. Just don’t tell the owners of my favorite Ethiopian coffee shop. They’d be appalled.
  • Did you know one pound of bananas = about three bananas? I didn’t. I didn’t even think about it – just ordered a pound. We go through three bananas a day around here, so that’s one day’s worth. Oops.

So I learned a few things for next time. And there will definitely be a next time. Not having to use up my limited store of energy on shopping while I’m down with a cold allowed me to use it instead on a few chores to keep the house from being condemned by the Health Department. This service will also be awesome on those occasions when my day off is eaten up with other activities. I can order at my leisure, and just make sure somone’s home during the delivery window.

I’d call this experiment a success.



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