Happy/Sad Valentine’s Day

A blow-by-blow account of our Monday evening:
•After working on our daughter’s car for a week, The Husband felt confident he’d fixed the bug that made it keep stalling and failing to restart. Just in time for her to start the school week tomorrow. (Yay!)

•Middle drove my car to her night class so we could return the rental she’d been driving all last week. Which in reality we didn’t need because I was sick all last week and she could have driven my car. (Boo!)

•The Husband and I drove the newly fixed car out to a belated Valentine dinner, since I was too sick to go out Sunday night. (Yay!)

•The server brought my husband something he hadn’t ordered. (Boo!)

•I’d finished my meal by the time his correct meal arrived. (Boo!) But his plate held a double portion of catfish as an apology (Yay!)

•The check came and was being rung up when we discovered we’d been charged for both the meal he HADN’T ordered AND the meal he HAD ordered. (Boo!)

•The Husband went into assertive consumer mode and insisted he not be charged at all for his meal. He won, of course. (Yay!) We went ahead and gave our server a generous tip because a) she was very sweet, b) food industry jobs are the pits, and c) we try really hard not to suck.  (Yay!)

•We stopped at the Chick-Fila drive through for an ice cream cone for him on the way home (Meh. Still not a fan of that place, so I’ll give that a Boo!)

•Got to almost to the pick-up window when daughter’s car stalled. Meaning we were blocking the drive-through AND the repair hadn’t actually worked AND we’re left with no rental car after hours. (Boo!)

•Cheerful Chick-Fila employees came out and helped push the car the rest of the way through the drive-through (I’ll give ’em that, their employees are universally lovely. Yay!)

•Because we live with this sort of vehicular emergency pretty much constantly, we always invest in AAA Gold service with unlimited free tows. (Yay!) And the weather was lovely and warm, so the wait wasn’t miserable. (Yay!)

•A dear woman in an SUV came by while The Husband was in the store getting his ice cream, while we were waiting for the tow truck, and asked if I needed any help. I didn’t need help, but her kindness melted my heart. (Yay!)

•My nice dinner was too much for my still-healing digestive system. Big mistake. (Boo!)


Yays – 9 / Boos – 7

Could be worse.

Happy Valentine’s Day to us.


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