I feel a little haiku coming on.

With our entire political system in a state of higgelty-piggelty, our social structure collapsing, and the continuation of bizarre labor relations issues in my workplace, I feel the only option (**sarcasm alert**) is to turn to the power of poetry.

My Brit friends tell me

Trump’s a synonym for “fart.”

Poetic justice.


Cruz’s smarmy words

Denote true misanthropy.

The message is hate.


Rubio’s sweet face

Masks a lot of ugly crap.

Don’t fall for it, friends.


Don’t try to pretend

That privilege isn’t a thing.

Cuz it rules the world.


Scalia is gone.

Tell the truth: He hurt our world.

That’s the bottom line.


I’ve never been black,

Muslim, Latino,  or gay.

Cannot speak for them.

But empathy helps;

Step into another’s shoes

And work on caring.


Rotten leadership

Makes the dominoes fall down.

Good teams can fix that.



6 thoughts on “I feel a little haiku coming on.

    • To be honest, all but one of the Republican candidates is absolutely abhorrent. And the one who’s not an ass backs policies I totally despise, even though he’s an intelligent and mature human being. But both of the Democratic candidates are excellent choices – with true concern for the mainstream instead of the rich and privileged, and with definite plans for how to overcome the crap that we face. Of course, I’m a rabid left-wing liberal, so perhaps my opinion is too biased. But even middle of the road and right-wing pundits are remarking on the enormous difference in maturity and intelligence in the Democratic candidates v. the Republican candidates.

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