When “privilege” = “completely clueless.”

Anyone out there watch last Saturday’s GOP “debate?” You know, the one that was basically a bunch of overgrown children shouting “Nyah, nyah” and “I know you are but what am I?” As a lifelong political junky, I found those two hours to be simultaneously high comedy and darkest tragedy.


There was one line that came out of that whine-fest that has stuck with me all week, making me cringe, shake my head, and burn with fury. Especially because I have not seen this line called out by anyone in the media for the assinine idiocy it was.

It was a moment when Jeb Bush, trying to show his deep concern and empathy for hardworking middle class Americans, uttered heartfelt, sorrow-filled words to this effect:

“There are people out there who can’t make a $500 car payment.”


(FYI, I just about broke my keyboard pounding in the above abbreviation.)

Not too long ago I read about a study that concluded that people who live with privilege tend to be completely oblivious to the struggles of those who do not share that privilege. Jeb Bush’s comment was a perfect illustration of that conclusion.

I am 51 years old. It was only last year that our family finances allowed us to get a loan for a car that came with a $200/month loan payment. And that wasn’t a no-brainer decision. It was an absolute necessity, after having driven ancient vehicles that requred no loan, but constant repair (with free labor and expertise from The Husband) for pretty much my entire adult life. It’s not easy for us to make that $200 payment every month. There are months when we have to check our account balance before any purchase, to avoid an overdraft.

I dream of a day when I can aspire to a $500/month car payment, Asshat.

My intent here is not to specifically pick on Jeb Bush, though as an example of privilege he’s absolutely classic.

My point is that this is the thinking of most people who hold power, and especially conservatives who hold power. Completely clueless. Sometimes that cluelessness is simply being oblivious due to lack of experience and inability to imagine what others might deal with. Very often it comes with contempt for those who can’t “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” and who are “responsible for their own situations.”

I call bullshit on that worldview.

When the socialist revolution begins, I’m in, baby.





9 thoughts on “When “privilege” = “completely clueless.”

    • I know what you mean. The media gets a lot more mileage out of reporting the insane, inflammatory stuff instead of the steady voice of reason that really is out there if you listen. But I must say I’m terrified of the possibility of those insane voices having enough power to get elected.

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  1. Me too! Me too! I am DUMBFOUNDED at how utterly and completely the American people have been BAMBOOZLED into thinking that building a wall to keep out and immigrant who is collecting 250 dollars a month in food stamps is the problem and not big business tax loopholes that allow the rich to get richer while the poor keep getting poor. The idea that people who work full time at minimum wage should WORK HARDER or SHOULDN’T BE WORKING AT JOBS MEANT FOR TEENS. WTF indeed. “People who live with privilege tend to be completely oblivious to the struggles of those who do not share that privilege”. It applies to socio-economic and race and sex and sexuality. I’m tired of the old, white male establishment. You?

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