Back to the basics. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve strayed too far from my original intent with “Mom Goes On.” In the beginning, blogging was an important tool for me to learn how to survive with two of my three darling children so far from home. I can’t say I’ve completely mastered life as a (mostly) empty nester, but it’s not as hard as it was right at first.

And so I tend to write less about my totally awesome kids and more about life in general, just because I love to write and because I so enjoy my blogging community. But now I’m having a bout of serious “missing the kids” grief, so I’m going to be intentional about writing about them more.

To get us off to an interesting start, here’s a picture our son texted me over the weekend.

That’s him with his girlfriend, having borrowed one of her skirts to wear while conducting interviews for candidates to be dorm R.A.s next year. He explained: “We were told that guys should wear dress slacks and their R.A. shirts, and that girls could wear pants or skirts with their R.A. shirts. I figured that wasn’t really giving everyone all the options they should be allowed to have, so I put on a skirt to make the point.”

What a great kid. I know, of course, that playing “dress-up” has always been one of his favorite things to do. Nice that he could indulge his (very prominent) silly side while also making a serious statement.

This R.A. gig  is just one facet of our brilliant boy (who will be turning 21 in just over a week – gasp!). He’s president of the university climbing team. Top student in the vocal music education department. Rocking a minor in physics. Heavily involved in the campus suicide prevention movement. Nearing his first solo flight as he works his way to a pilot’s license. Honestly, I don’t know where he got all that drive – just thinking about everything he juggles makes me want to hide in my bedroom and never come out.

Am I bragging? You bet. Do I have the most amazing son ever in the history of the earth? Definitely.

As I’ve always maintained, I wish every child’s parents believed with all their hearts that their kids hung the moon. Just imagine how much better off the world would be if each of us knew there was someone who adored us beyond measure.

I’m happy to get that ball rolling.


8 thoughts on “Back to the basics. 

  1. Your son sounds like an amazing young man. He must make you a very proud momma. I think it’s great that he works with the suicide prevention team; a program that is so needed these days. That really shows how loving and compassionate he is. Great job raising such a good young man.

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    • Thank you – as you can tell I’m so proud of him I can’t keep it to myself. And I love to hear other parents brag on their kids, too – so much better than the parents that complain constantly that their kids are just a pain.

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