Blink and it’s over.

Spring break came and went. The Boy is on his way back to his college dormitory.

His sister, who happens to be his second biggest fan, is in minor mourning. Me, too.

But we had some great times while he was here. A lot of Bananagrams. He actually got these tiles in his first draw for one of our games. The afternoon when we were playing this particular game was lovely and warm, so we had the windows and doors open. At one point we both stopped playing, looked at each other and said, “What is that?!” It sounded like freight train speeding past near the house. We looked out the back door, where all the trees in our yard and the neighbor’s yards were still…but we could see treetops a couple of blocks away waving insanely. A few minutes later the temperature dropped drastically and we had to close up the house. We’re thinking we actually witnessed a downburst. Pretty exciting! Until we started having snow flurries and I woke up to a frozen-over birdbath.

I took a couple of days off so we could all have more time together. One of those days was dedicated to suit shopping – I figured that would take hours. As it turned out, he loved the first one he tried on in the first store we entered. Thank goodness for good salesmen (with just a touch of “Are You Being Served?”). That dear gentleman even gave us a clearance price because there were so few of this particular suit left on the rack. All in all, a lovely experience. I especially liked the look of The Boy’s Twenty-One Pilots t-shirt with the suit jacket.

Then lunch together at our favorite neighborhood Mediterranean place. Good food, good company, and we even saw two of our favorite people while we were there – my friend/neighbor/co-author and her husband.  Note: It’s nearly impossible to get a picture of this kid when he’s not putting on a goofy face.

The time was too short. But it was a joy while it lasted.


5 thoughts on “Blink and it’s over.

  1. It’s so much fun to spend time with our adult kids, isn’t it. I’m at home now and catching up. I’m not going to comment on every post because I have a suspicion that is how I ended up in your spam folder. 🙂

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