State of confusion.

Warning: Alaska and Hawaii are not actually situated in Mexico. 

The are quite a few nicknames for my home state of Kansas and/or its general area:

  • The breadbasket of the United States (Referring to the amount of wheat produced.)
  • The heartland (Because it’s smack in the middle?)
  • The Land of Oz (As in “Wizard of” – gag, hack, puke…man, I hate that show.)
  • Flyover country (“Fly over” is good advice. Unless you’re excited by a six-hour drive through great expanses of nothingness.)
  • Brownbackistan (A reference to the evil regime of our current governor. No joke.)

And there’s a saying that people use in my part of the world: “If you don’t like the weather in Kansas, just wait a few minutes.” Yesterday was a perfect illustration of that old saw. This was what was going on here, weather-wise, yesterday:

While the northwest portion of the state was experiencing the weather in the photo, our son, whose university is located in the south central part of the state, texted me that the massive fire referenced above had created smoke that was obliterating the entire western half of the horizon yesterday evening.

Here in the upper right corner, we went from almost 80 degrees yesterday to 40 today.

Expect the unexpected.



7 thoughts on “State of confusion.

  1. Every time I respond to the question about where i am from with Kansas I get to hear a lame Wizard of Oz joke. Every. Single. Time. Nothing original.

    I have seen the pics of the fires and the snow as I have family and friends from Dodge City to Overland Park. It is certainly a state of confusion. Hope you all stay safe!

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    • Good grief, I know – those Oz jokes are SO old. The weather here stayed weird all week – tons of snow on Easter morning, but by that same afternoon warm and sunny and beautiful – all snow melted!


  2. It keeps you on your toes. Kansas is one of those states where you have to look for the beauty beyond what the eyes would normally see – such as the color contrast between the cows and the grass. That’s my favorite part of Kansas.

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