Somebody better get the can of whup-ass ready.

Following some pretty difficult stuff that went down in my work place at the beginning of the year, my attitude has taken a nose dive. And, not being particularly good at (or even interested in, usually) covering my feelings, I know it’s showing.

As in smart-ass, “I’m not taking any more crap” comments in staff meetings.

Yeah, I’ve built up a lot of credit in the twelve years I’ve worked there. On the whole my work has been a joy, but I’ve also put up with a lot of crap over those twelve years. There’s some stuff I’m just not willing to deal with any more.

But seriously, folks, I’ve got to chill.

This post will serve as my reminder. Before I wreck myself.

Anyone else been there?


4 thoughts on “Somebody better get the can of whup-ass ready.

  1. Yes, I’ve been there. I’d like to attribute it to the full moon, but that doesn’t happen until later this month. I’ve been taking a hot bath before bed to try to bring peace of mind and approach each day with a positive outlook. Some days it works, some days not. I hope you find the thing that will help bridge you through this rough spot.

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