Why don’t I have an Alice?

Yesterday my workday stretched from 7:45 am to 6:30 pm. I got to be a part of some awesome and energizing stuff all day long, so I didn’t mind the length of the day, really.

What I did mind, though, was the fact that throughout that l-o-n-g work day I had to continually snatch moments to keep the house running at the same time.

A full load of dishes and a load of laundry before I left the house at 7:30.

More laundry and dishes when I came home and kept working remotely until 6:30.

Prompting our Middle to get the trash and recycling to the curb, getting rid of the kitchen trash whose smell had been gagging me for a day and a half.

Throwing together a meal at 7:00.

Writing up a list of must-do household chores for my day off tomorrow, as I kept that meal cooking. Touching base with The Husband about what needs else needs to happen tomorrow in order to stave off household chaos.

Planning a week’s worth of meals and creating a detailed grocery list after supper, at 8:00. (And nodding off repeatedly.)

When I finally stumbled upstairs to fall into bed, the question popped into my mind: How old do I have to get before I get a housekeeper around here?


Carol Brady had a live-in Alice to cook, shop, clean, and give advice to her kids. Carol didn’t even work outside the home, for Pete’s sake!

I could definitely go for a Jeeves, cleverly saving me from disaster at every turn, while keeping the flat spotless.

Or a Mrs. Fairfax, hovering in the background kindly, efficiently, and effortlessly (with the help of a small village-worth of servants).

It’s way past time. Applications currently being accepted; must be willing to work for room and board.


4 thoughts on “Why don’t I have an Alice?

  1. Me too me too! I want one (or two or seven) too! 😂 As a stay at home mom though having an Alice around to do everything will probably drive me to feelings of uselessness, boredom and finally depression 😁

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  2. I would like a whole crew of people from Downtown Abbey. I’ll take a Mr. Bates, an Anna, a Miss Patmore, a Daisy, bring the whole lot of them! I also wouldn’t mind living in a castle. lol.

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