A little thought for Wednesday…

…being the day after a major primary election AND the day after I attended a university choral concert, in which hipsters were heavily represented:

I would seriously consider voting for a candidate with a policy that would declare a unilateral moratorium on the man bun.


8 thoughts on “A little thought for Wednesday…

  1. Don’t tell me the folks in the CHORUS were wearing *Man Buns*? UGH! BTW I am (in real life) a choral conductor (I try to be vague about what I actually do in my blog) and I would NOT be happy if my singers were *rocking* that look in a concert!

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    • Yes, choir members, one grad conducting student, and an accompanist. BLEH! Our son is in vocal music ed and will go on to get a master’s in conducting. He’s already got his dress code worked out, including no freaky hair colors…and I bet man buns will go on that list, too!

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