In which our Little Free Library gets a whole new look.

A year and a half of standing exposed to the elements had caused some pretty serious aging in our dear Little Free Library.

I’d been planning on a face lift (for the library, not for me) since last fall, and our beautiful spring weather and lighter evenings gave me just the kick in the pants needed to actually tackle the project.

The Husband took it down for me last Friday, and we posted this sign to reassure our neighborhood friends that it wasn’t a permanent thing.

And then started the demo and clean-up. It took two hours and two VERY sore hands to remove the old decorations and the glue underneath them.

Then came a couple of days’ worth of painting and applying polyurethane.

We had to wait out three days of rain, but yesterday afternoon we finally got the new and improved library back up and running – all new books and everything!

Our little friends from  next door dashed over to check it out before I could even re-stock.

I had to go out last evening, and when I got home I loved the thrill of seeing our cute library standing in the yard to greet me. Can’t wait to see the reactions of all the folks in the neighborhood as they pass by in the next few days and see the upgrade!

Want to know more about the Little Free Library movement, find one in your area, or start an LFL of your own? Visit .


9 thoughts on “In which our Little Free Library gets a whole new look.

  1. my sister in seattle has one of these on her block and they’re great. but theirs doesn’t look as nice! i’m going to tell her maybe she needs a spruce up as well! that’s so kind of you to take the initiative to re-vamp it. 🙂

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    • Gosh, don’t give me too much credit – I’m actually the steward of this library and it’s in our front yard. 🙂 I applied for an was awarded a grant for it a couple of years ago and have had a ball maintaining it ever since!

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