Reasons why I’m obsessed with beds and sleeping.


  • Perimenopausal hormones, which cause me to be wide awake at all hours of night, lying in a pool of sweat.

Note the happy faces on this couple. I suspect their mood is due to their separate sleeping arrangements.

  • Two adults on a double bed (our situation for the last 30 years) is a recipe for elbow-related bruises and near-concussions.

  • Our current mattress is about 8 years old. When it was new it was like sleeping on a cloud. Now it’s like sleeping on a pile of Slinkies.

This woman is clearly considering the most effective way to whack her husband with that hand mirror.

  • Our new and improved, not to mention queen-sized mattress (coincidentally, a BeautyRest) is scheduled to arrive today. I’m pinning my hopes on it for a whole new world of sleep.


8 thoughts on “Reasons why I’m obsessed with beds and sleeping.

  1. New sized mattress=new sheets+ comforter+ blankets=DECORATING I love to decorate almost as much as I love to sleep in on a Saturday morning! Hope it’s wonderful and you get sleep.

    We’ve thought about the Sleep Number mattress but we’re too cheap to spring for it. If we knew it was worth the money, we probably would get one.

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    • Yeah, I don’t know if I’d do that even if we could afford it. The mattress is the last step in our bedroom re-do that started in January. I love it so much I pretty much use our bedroom now as a retreat space!

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    • I know – pillows are a constant issue for us, too. I kind of expect that once we try out the new mattress we’ll feel the need to get all new pillows. But it’s so hard to get just the right ones!

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