Sense and Sensibility, updated.

We had a Great Sorrow in our home this week.

An attachment had been formed, and all had rejoiced. But our Heroine of the Piece suffered a deep disappointment when her intended showed his blackguard tendencies. Willoughby deserted his Marianne.

Loud and intense weeping ensued. Our Marianne took to her bed, and I feared that she might disappear into the storm, requiring rescue from a Colonel Brandon (unfortunately there is no Colonel Brandon waiting in the wings in this updated story).

Sensibility ruled for a night. Our heroine’s doting mother was called for, to sit at the bedside of her grieving daughter, wiping her brow and attending to her comfort and present relief.

Happily, with the return of the sun and a busy day ahead in her classroom, Sense returned to our dear Marianne the next morning. She has a renewed view of the world and, one hopes, a more realistic view of romance.

But it was a close thing.


9 thoughts on “Sense and Sensibility, updated.

    • Thanks – it was a no-brainer, because she was reacting just as bizarrely as Marianne Dashwood did. Thank goodness her despair didn’t last as long as Marianne’s, at least!

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  1. Can’t stop laughing…not because of the Tragic Occurrence……I’m sure that Young Man had more Hair that Brains!…but because one of the ways I relax is reading Jane Austen *sequels* ….Fan Fiction. I have read many a modern version of….well, really ALL the Jane Austen novels. (Read the *Jane Austen Takes the South* series……”Pride and Prejudice and Cheese Grits” is the first one).

    My Mama would tell us after a break up, “this too shall pass*…we all know she’s better off and one day, she will too!

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  2. Definitely. She’s the first of our three to have a difficult breakup. And also being the most emotional of our three, it was really something. But it really was for the best, as hard as it is right now.


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